2013 Railfans Trip Across Malaya (Malaysia and Singapore) Part 1 of 20

Back in October 2012, my friend from Singapore, Suhirman, came to Bandung with his parents and his bride-to-be. They came for holliday and shopping. When they’re about to return back to Singapore, his mother invited me to come to his wedding party, which would be held in 30th March 2013.

At first, I didn’t bother to pay visit as I would either be busy, or would not have sufficient money to go to Singapore.

But several things really makes me change my mind. First, the threat of the closure of Bukit Berapit line, and the will to promote my business motivated me to make decision to go to Singapore.

At first, I was thinking about going straight from Surabaya to Singapore. However, since Air Asia doesn’t have such flight route, I decided to take Surabaya-Kuala Lumpur instead. And the duration itself was quite an issue. Aside of visiting Singapore, I would like to have a time to visit Bukit Berapit too. So, after some calculations, I decided to do my trip from 28th March 2013 until 5th April 2013.

So there I was, me and my brother waited for the early morning flight to Kuala Lumpur in Thursday, 28th March 2013, at Juanda International Airport in Surabaya.

My plane was parked next to this China Airlines Airbus A330-300.


This plane is actually flew straight to Singapore, but the fare is four times of my airplane ticket.

After some waiting, we eventually boarded our aircraft.


Just next to my aircraft is this Citilink’s Boeing 737 PK-GCA.


I remember that I flew with this aircraft when I made a return flight from my previous Malaysia and Singapore visit in 2011.

After the boarding process completed, the stewardess shut the door, the pilot started the engine, and we’re ready for departure.

I can see a pair of Airbus A330-300 on Juanda’s ramp. Just next to the China Airlines plane, there is another identical aircraft. This time it belonged to Cathay Pacific.


Minutes later, we were airborne.  I really enjoyed the sight of sunrise from above the clouds.




Since we left the house very early, we didn’t take breakfast before we went to the airport. As a result we went hungry onboard the flight. So we decided to buy some onboard meal (Air Asia onboard meal is not inclusive in the ticket, you must either purchased from the internet or straight from the stewardess).

My brother bought Burger Steak.


I initially wants the same, but since only one was available, I purchased another meal that is available: Nasi Jinggo Bali by Farah Quinn.


I’ve to say the taste was not that good. In fact it is comparable (or worse) to the cheap lower middle class meal that I purchased from hawker stall around Surabaya.

Not worth the money. Farah Quinn might be a celebrity chef, but she gained her status not by her delicious cooking, but it is due to her sexy appearance.

After I finished my meal, I took some rest while enjoying the scenery outside.


As we get closer to Kuala Lumpur, the pilot descended the aircraft.


Apparently the weather around Sepang was not that good.


But once we cleared the clouds, we could see the green landscape below.


As we descended, I could see the shallow hilly terrain below, which is covered in mist.




We’re almost touching down. That red hangar didn’t exist in my 2011 Malaysian journey.


Touch down, and welcome to Malaysia!


We were greeted by the sight of disused Boeing 747s. Some of them are former Malaysian Airlines Boeing 747-400 whose are being phased out, to be replaced by Airbus A380.


Our plane turned into the LCCT ramp, which is separated from the KLIA main ramp-terminal.


Right on LCCT ramp, I could see a row of Air Asia’s wide body aircrafts, whose are normally used for long haul flights.


Honestly, I’d prefer full service airlines instead of the el-cheapo one like Air Asia, as I need comfort for long distance flights.

Since LCCT ramp shared its ramp with cargo ramp, I could see some cargo airplanes in the distance.




Our plane finally came to full stop.


As we left the aircraft we entered the LCCT terminal to clear our immigration checks and to purchase the airport train ticket.

Along the way I manage to make some quick snap on the airport’s apron.



I haven’t been to the KLIA main terminal for some time. The last time I went there was back in 2004. Even Air Asia utilized the terminal back then, before reverting to this low cost terminal.


Had I debarked at there, I would have seen one or two Airbus A380.


 To be continued.


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I'm an adventurous railfans who love to seek out the world of railway, beyond the border of my office.
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  1. eddy says:

    i’m waiting for the full report! hehehe

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