2013 Railfans Trip Across Malaya (Malaysia and Singapore) Part 8 of 20

In the evening we pursued our goal of taking pictures around Marina Bay Sands, and the newly opened Gardens by The Bay.

From Bedok interchange, we headed to Paya Lebar where we change to Circle Line MRT. In order to reach Marina Bay Sands, we must catch the one that heading to Bayfront MRT station. The problem is, since Bayfront MRT is located in the “branchline” section of Circle Line, we must change train in the midway, otherwise we would end up ad Dhobby Ghaut.

So we change train at Stadium MRT station.


Despite of the popularity of Marina Bay Sands, the train seemed to be empty.



The good thing about this Circle Line MRT is the ability to see in front.


Although poor lighting rendered the view dark.


Not long afterward, we arrived at Bayfront MRT station. This station is quite new. It wasn’t open during my previous visit in 2011, but now it is fully operational. No expenses are spared when they built this station, as it is stylish, and it interconnecting the Marina Bay Sands casino and Gardens By The Bay. Not to mention its stylish design.


We headed to Gardens by The Bay, and upon exiting the station we were greeted by the sight of gigantic Marina Bay Sands complex.


We strolled along the park. The park may looks ordinary, but if you looked in the background, you know you’re in somewhere unusual.


Here we are, in the Gardens by The Bay. The structure really gave the impression as if it was built by the Martians.


This garden is built on the reclaimed land, and it is located in the same area as Singapore Flyer giant Ferris wheel.


Being in the park give you feeling as if you’ve been abducted by the aliens, and taken to their planet….


It’s so surreal.


Not to mention its changing color combinations.



The Marina Bay Sands building too seemed to change color very often.



We took several photos, but only a few of my photos are proper. The rest are blurry as I failed to use the tripod, due to my overconfidence towards its image stabilizer system.

Once we finished taking picture, we’re heading to the hotel complex to see if there are anything interesting.


From the distance, we could still see the out-of-this world design stood out.


I also catch the glimpse of the Marina Bay area. Back in 1994, the area was largely empty reclaimed land. But now it is packed with business area. Note Bayfront MRT entrance on the street side, where we exited earlier.


That’s not the sight of UFO landing in Singapore, but it is Gardens by The Bay,


We entered the Marina Bay Sands hotel building, and we could see that the interior is largely hollow, creating a massive hall inside.



We tried to see the shopping centers to see if there is anything interesting inside. Apparently, most shops are closed, so we’re heading home.

Along the way we change trains at Stadium MRT station.



Once arriving back at Bedok, we had our dinner in the same restaurant again, although this time I ordered the less fiery fare.


To be continued.






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I'm an adventurous railfans who love to seek out the world of railway, beyond the border of my office.
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