2013 Railfans Trip Across Malaya (Malaysia and Singapore) Part 17 of 20

Our last days in Malaysia were very tiring. We really tried to make the most of them, by visiting as much places as possible, in a space of four days. As a result, we’re likely to visit 3-4 places in one day, and by the time we returned back to our hotel, we were battered.

Just like what we had on this day. Although we’re already tired after a day of trainspotting, we still tried to make as many night photo shots of Kuala Lumpus as possible.

Once after we arrived back at KL Sentral, we headed straight to Pasar Seni, a famed souvenir market in Kuala Lumpur.


This historic art deco building is home of many souvenir shops.


I’ve to admit, our intention to visit this place is to buy souvenirs to our family in Surabaya, not just photographing them.


We did purchased some souvenirs in here. Surprisingly some of the sellers are Indonesian, and from East Java too. In fact there is one seller who is native of Lamongan, who gave me incredible discount. From RM 10 to just RM 3!

After we bought all the souvenirs, we went out to catch the taxi. I’m a bit surprised that parts of the main road next to the market have been converted into a pedestrian plaza.


Back in 2004, the street was busy with cars and tourist busses.

In its place now packed with sellers, vendors, and restaurants. Surprisingly, some of them are Indonesian brand, such as Es Teler 77.



From the market, we’re heading to one famous satay restaurant. I get to know this restaurant from my friend who worked at Celcom. So, I showed my brother this restaurant. Despite of its traditional appearance, there is no mistaking that it is located in the middle of modern city.


The cook looks busy cooking the meal.


After a few minutes of waiting, our food is finally arriving.




All of them (including drinks) cost RM30. Due to its massive size, I have to say that it is worth the money. After we paid the meal, we went to KLCC with taxi. There was a bit of drama when we’re about to go with this taxi. The driver initially requesting RM 10, but we refused to pay that amount and asked him to turn on the meter.

Disgruntled, he agreed with us, and took us to KLCC with the meter on. Upon arriving at KLCC, it turned out that the journey cost us RM 4! And of course, the taxi driver accepted our money in grim manner.

Once we went out of the taxi, we began photographing the area.


Of course, the real star is this Petronas twin towers.



From KLCC, we went to Sultan Abdul Samad building with LRT. I really want to visit this building, because I’ve never been to here before. Ironically, I never manage to visit this building during my work days in KL in 2004, despite the fact that this building is actually accessible from Masjid Jamek LRT station.

And apparently, the city council have decorated historical buildings in the area with colorful lightings at night.


But this is the real star.


The building was previously used as Malaysian Federal Court building. But when the newer buildings in Putrajaya completed, the building went vacant.


I don’t know who is the current tenant of this historic building?


It is very impressive building, although not as big as those in Putrajaya.

The square in front of this building is packed with people. They’re the people who want to spend the night relaxing at Dataran Merdeka square.


Back in 1980s, the street in front of it was used for movie shooting.


I just can’t stop admiring the beauty of its architectural style.


Actually, there are some statues around the square. It is called Heroes Statue. It was built to commemorate fallen soldiers who died during Communist Insurgency in 1950s.


Hmmm, a bit different context when compared to Indonesian context of “hero” where the title is normally commended to those who fought colonial powers, or those who make breakthrough in Indonesian history.

After we finished taking picture, we’re heading back to our hotel to have a rest, before returning back to our home country.

To be continued.




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