In Search of Last Steam Sugarcane Train in East Java (Part 2)

After a pleasant night sleep, we woke up and went to the hotel’s restaurant to have the breakfast. The breakfast is prepared in a la carte style, instead of buffet menu. So we only have one choice of menu. I choose the Nasi Goreng (fried rice).


While Agra choose Fried Noodle.


I would say that the breakfast is a huge disappointment. They’re too small!  I’m doubtful if it would provide me with enough energy for train hunting, which will involve physical activities such as running under the hot sun.

After we finished our breakfast, we’re heading back to our room to have a shower and pack our belongings.

You can see how quiet the hotel is.



After we checked out from the hotel, we headed straight into the Olean sugar mill.

Upon arriving at the railway entrance gate (not the main gate), we were greeted by the sight of arriving diesel locomotive.


This loco must have dropped some empty hoppers on one of the field sidings.


Some local kids tried to hang into the loco, but whisked away by the driver.


Not all of the sugarcanes came by train. These days most of them came by truck, such as this one.


The security guards and some employee already told us on the previous day that the trains would normally come out at 8 or 9 in the morning.


Their information proved to be correct. The first one to come out is this diesel hauled train.



Just a few hundred meters from the mill, the train stopped, the locomotive detached so the mechanic could manually pushed the rail hoppers into the main line. Apparently, they’re going to bring these cars along.



After all of the cars are attached, the driver is ready to resume the journey.


We ran to the nearby bridge to capture the image, where I stood on the top of a bridge, where I could take a better vantage point.


It turned out that the loco is only hauling the hoppers that carry the tracks. The empty hoppers are still left near the mill.



Not long afterward, the locomotive is eventually back to the mill.


After we finished taking the pictures, we decided to return back to the mill, to wait for the steam loco. Apparently there is a work shift change took place over there.




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I'm an adventurous railfans who love to seek out the world of railway, beyond the border of my office.
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