Remembering 1997: The Sweetest Year in My Life (Part 10)

We woke up on a very cold and quiet Sunday morning. The weather was unbelievably cold. I barely able to get off my bed.

I went out to the verandah in front of our room. From there I can see the quiet parking lot, my new campus building, and a very quiet neighborhood. The sky was cloudy. Yet, I also saw a sight that I’ve never seen before: a long and wavy cirrus cloud formation. It was probably formed by strong wind, which is frequent in this part of the world.

While relaxing before taking shower, I watched the TV. This was the first time I watched Australian TV. I can’t recall what exactly did we watch, but I remember one McDonald burger ads which advertised “Collosus Burger”. The burger looked bigger than Big Mac, and seems really delicious. Alas, since it featured pork bacon as its ingredients, I never ate that burger.

The breakfast was quite simple. Just some toast, scramble egg, and cereals. It was a very modest breakfast actually.

While we’re having breakfast, my father is considering moving to another hotel. But since we had no idea about other accommodations in the area, we decided to ask some help with Shiraj.

Before going ahead with relocation, first we return to the city for another shopping and also exploration. We visited similar place like yesterday, also with Doddy.. But this time, we took the buses, so we would accustom better with the buses.

In addition, we also explored places beyond the pedestrian plaza in Perth, such as traversing Hay Street all the way to a spot named the Barrack Arch.

We also explore the Northbridge, which is the center of Perth’s nightclubs. I remember we bought some gelato in here. I tasted the gelato, and it was rather different from ordinary ice cream.

Enjoying Gelare gelato in an ice cream parlor in Northbridge.

I also get to sample the Kebab during the lunch at Carillon Food Court. This time I ordered different filling. It is really tasty indeed.

Having lunch again at Carillon City Food Court.

While on the way back to Shiraj’s house, we also dropped by at one beautiful park called “Hyde Park”. Its name is derived from similarly named park in England. It has a beautiful lake in the middle, which is full of geese and sea gulls. The cold weather truly gives strong European ambience. It’s quite amazing to be in such European-esque place that is within easy reach from my Indonesia.

The scenic view of Hyde Park in North Perth. This photo originally had spectacular color combination. But due to poor storing, the photo suffered from discoloration.

At around midday, we return back to Shiraj home, where he invited us for a dinner. He treated us with Sri Lankan cuisine.  It tasted really nice, with rice and curries. One unique custom that I notice is that the Sri Lankan would eat by standing, while the guests are seated. Siraj and Feroza said that it is Sri Lankan custom to honor visiting guests.

During lunch, my father also asked Shiraj if he know any good accommodation around here. Shiraj said he knows some, and he will take us around.

Once we finished our dinner we hop onboard Shiraj’s car and travel around North Perth and Highgate. There were several lodging places around North Perth. Some are rather far away from North Perth or the college..

Shiraj offered us to move to a modern apartment complex on the corner of street near Hyde Park. The place really looks nice, and my father is actually interested. He planned to move out from Pacific motel and checked in into that apartment.

Since, we hadn’t make our decision yet, my father and my sister decided to return back to the Pacific Motel, while I had to return back to Shiraj’s house to prepare for orientation on the Monday. This was also the last time I saw Doddy. I never caught up with him again for the remainder of my stay in Perth.



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