Remembering 1997: The Sweetest Year in My Life (Part 22):

After a quite a pleasant night sleep, I woke up to a very nice and sunny morning. Well, this time I get a proper sleep without any sort of hypothermia. The Swiss have already awakened too, and the girls are also busy preparing the simple breakfast menu of toast, butter, jams, tea, and coffee.

Last night’s door bang apparently creates some humorous conversation this morning. Heinz joked “Bagus, what did you do last night with the girls? Did you have sex with them?” I giggled and said no. I’m glad that the girls didn’t get upset by that, and seem to be able to take lighter side of it.

We enjoyed the breakfast on the patio while marveling the sight of the open area in front of our hotel.

Heinz said that the pub that they visited last night was pretty quiet. Since Dunsborough is just a small town, and it was no longer the peak holiday season, it wasn’t really surprising that it was quiet. The pub also played all of John Denver’s hit songs, as tribute for the singer who died recently.

After we finished our breakfast, we slowly pack our belongings.  Since I carry modest amount of belongings, I finished my task much earlier than others. While waited for them, I sat on the couch and watching everyone packing and tidying up the room.

As I relaxed on the couch, I began to ponder: this weekend should have been the most perfect moment in my life. I’ve never had something like this before (and since) where I can go out and spending the weekend with my dream girl. It was so awesome and naturally beyond words.

However, Denise’s very liberal attitude at that time truly contrasting my rather conservative background. At that time, I was a type of guy who always expecting my girl to be constantly responsive to me. But Denise was a type of girl who loves to flirt around and not stuck with one guy at a time. Sometime she would pay attention to me, minutes later she would simply ignore me.

Of course, whenever she ignores me, I felt broken hearted. I was probably had too much expectation towards Denise, so much that I was overwhelmed with emotion which made me slouched in the sofa and almost crying. Maria, upon seeing me, instead of giving consolation, she took the photo of me! She probably thought I was praying! Heinz response wasn’t even better. He said “you look sick. You definitely need to see doctor!” Love doctor, I think! It seemed that I had too high expectations toward Denise, so much that I actually became obsessed with her.

After we packed all of our belongings and putting them into the car, we checked out from the hotel and head back to Perth. Our journey today will be a long one. We will travel all the way from Dunsborough to Perth without overnight stay at any place along the way.

The trip started out smoothly. We drove along the scenic countryside of south west Australia. The sky is blue, and the grasses already start to turn gold as the summer approaching. Patches of green grasses were still visible, but it was obvious that from that time towards the end of the year, it will be hot and dry in this place.

Driving back from Dunsborough to Perth. The Tiger Balm ointment on the dashboard always creating drama whenever I applied it on my body. It was weird to see the Swiss felt very uncomfortable with it.

Along the way, we drop by to a small patch of forest somewhere between Dunsborough and Bunbury. We stopped by to relax and also browsing the trees. The girls went into the forest while I and Heinz stay near the car. I asked Heinz, how long the trip back would take place, Heinz replied that it would take about 3 hours. I can’t recall what I did throughout our visit to this small forest. All I remember was the girls eventually returning back safely. Once everyone onboard, we resume our journey.

The journey back to Perth is very long. We traveled along the main highway, which was very quiet with very little traffic. Immature drivers would be tempted to speed up the vehicle as fast as he likes. But Heinz reminded that he must refrain from speeding as there are plenty of speed cameras installed on the street side. The traffic police may not immediately stop you, but the fine ticket will be sent to your home. What a modern system, which only existed in Indonesia beyond 2010.

I can’t recall where was this, but it was somewhere between Bunbury and Mandurah.

I truly marveled how smooth the road surfaces in countryside Australia are. Throughout our journey, we didn’t encounter any potholes. There are no bumps or uneven road surface. These factors made our journey very smooth. At one point on our journey, I complained to Heinz “Why do we drive so slowly?” Heinz replied “That is because the speed limit.” “How much is the speed limit?” I asked. “110 km per hour” Heinz answered. “That’s pretty quick actually, but why do we drive so slowly?” I asked curiously. Upon looking at the speedometer, I found out that we’re actually traveling at 110 km/hour! It’s just incredible how smooth our ride was.

Whenever I do long journey, sometime I feel some fatigue in my body. And the easiest remedy is by applying Tiger Balm ointment to parts of my body that ached. But its strong mint smell seems to overpower the Swiss. I was totally surprised by their response. I didn’t know if the harmless ointment can cause some drama.

Somewhere along the journey (possibly near Mandurah) we stopped by at one seaside rest area. We bought some ice cream and a bit of refreshment. While we relaxed, we also converse and enjoying the sea scenery. Denise and Maria seem to be smitten with the surfers that riding the waves at that time. Heinz said that, although he is not expert in surfing, he has surfed using body board. That is the type of surf board which has wider and shorter dimension when compared to the professional one. With the body board, surfer does not have to stand up and balanced the body. They only lie and ride the wave.

Upon finishing our meal, we resumed our journey back to Perth. Denise and Heinz seemed to enjoy the song “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago which was played on the cassette deck.

As we get closer to Perth, the sky gets darker.  And it was already dark by the time we reached Perth city. It was Sunday evening, and all many shops had already closed. Some tourists can still be seen wandering around the city, but the rest of the city had largely been deserted.

Heinz was generous enough to take me all the way to Shiraj’s house. And he dropped me at the front. Well that was the conclusion of our tour this weekend. It has been a very wonderful journey. I was really glad that I finally able to travel with my dream girl, although the outcome did not ended up like I expected, especially since Denise exhibit changing attitude throughout the journey. I wish if Denise willing to drop by and have a visit at my home, it would have been wonderful. But alas, she didn’t.



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